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Cabal Online

Cabal Online is a free-of-charge, 3D massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by South Korean company ESTsoft. Different versions of the game are avaliable for specific countries or regions, published by various companies such as OGPlanet and Asiasoft. Although playing the game is free, Cabal Online has "Cash Shop" which allows players to purchase game enhancements and useful ingame items using real currency.

The game takes place in a mythical world known as Nevareth, which was decimated by an evil entity known as the CABAL. Out of the survivors, seven "Masters" rose up, each wielding the abilities of the "Force Power". These masters taught the people, and the world was rebuilt. Years later, the CABAL is plotting a return to power by breeding a child to be the new king. The players of the game take up the role of heroes who battle the CABAL uprising and conspiracy.

Game Features

"Cabal Online is returning to the game's original intention"

It is so obvious that Game system is getting more complicated.
Since MMORPGs have introduced a vast amount of subject matters and unique features to keep the users interested through out the game, it takes time and effort to get used to the controls features. This requires long periods of game play which can be tedious.
An MMORPG is a service so it should be easy and convenient.
The game system must be easy and convenient which means that moving from one place to another and searching for suitable hunting areas and shops should be the simplest task available.
Easy means direct and convenient and should not be tedious.
CABAL Online is built for new users and other MMORPG users will be easily able to adapt to our game system and it does not require long periods of game play.
“CABAL Online is returning to the game’s original intention.”

"Cabal Online will make you a hero!"

As everyone knows a game should be exciting and interesting and that means MMORPG as well.
Well built battle/skill systems, clear quest systems and spectacular battle moves are the basic contents of an interesting game as well as fabulous 3D graphics and a high level of animation which bear a close resemblance to the real world.

Even though it was difficult to achieve, the end result for the user is worth it.
Within the game environment you should be the hero
After solving puzzles, tricks, traps,and beating tough bosses, you should feel fulfilment and delight. After all that look for new adventures and challenges.
But the online gaming world means there are endless stories and infinite competitions. You become the hero and it is not easy to feel moved by the game. But,
CABAL Online will make you a hero; we will give you your very own story.

"Cabal Online combines experience and technology"

An online game is a combination of a large number of internet/Network technologies.
Many MMORPGs are getting exported to other countries.
It is not awkward to call our country the leader of game industry.
Our level of online game development is well recognized over the world.
An online game is a piece of software
ESTsoft has been developing software for over 10 years.
ESTsoft is a company that make you feel good.
We will show you the game that combines technologies and experience.

"Cabal Online will take you one step closer with brand new ideas"

In a monotonous world, a fresh new idea means an advantage.
Therefore we have received a lot of interest and have made you reconsider us but it wouldn't be as good if we gave away too much information at the beginning and didn't keep introducing new ideas.
We will be just one step in front of the others

First impressions are very common but as time passes it quickly becomes of interest.
You have looked at it at least once but the more you look at it, the more interested in it you become. At the start it seems very familiar but as you get more involved in the game, you become aware of the different battle and skill systems. It starts out simple but as you play you begin to develop an interest in the quest system.

We are waiting for you with many other familiar and new ideas for the Game.
CABAL Online will take step closer to you with brand new ideas




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