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RF Online

RF Online, originally named 'Rising Force', is a 3D MMORPG developed by CCR. A mixture of science fiction and classic fantasy, RF Online (or RFO, as many of its players call it) is set in a distant planet in the Novus system where magic exists alongside high technology. Like most MMORPGs it follows the typical fantasy setting complete with swords and sorcery, but it also emphasizes the three-way Race vs. Race vs. Race (RvRvR) concept and modern/futuristic technology such as mecha and nuclear weapons.

Game Features

New World

Existing MMORPGs are themed after the typical fantasy Swords and Sorcery setting, but RF online defines a unique new game setting: the Clash of Civilizations. From a high tech cybernetic civilization, to a psycho-mystical Force using culture and one which balances the two, when these cultures coexist and compete for limited resources, conflict will eventually ensue, and this is the key difference of RF Online from all the other MMORPGs out there. The scope of this conflict is not confined to a single medieval themed continent of adventure, but rather you have a whole galaxy to explore in RF Online.

New Race

The races of RF Online are organized into several different civilizations. The Accretians, who pursue perfection through the union of flesh and steel, the Bellato, who seek to become an interstellar Imperialist power, and the Cora, who wage a holy war of conquest in the name of their god DECEM. These are the races of RF Online. Each race has it's own powers and abilities which lend a unique flavor to this interstellar conflict. The Accretians, the most physically superior race, has the Launcher as its special weapon. With the Launcher, the Accretians can use various strategies involving its extremely high damage rating but extremely slow firing time. The Bellato, though physically the weakest of the three races, can become the most powerful once they develop the Massive Armored Unit. The Cora rely on their summoned monsters in battle, which can heal friendly units and attack hostile ones.

Realistic Economy

RF Online's economy can be divided into two parts - production and consumption. Most other MMORPG economies focus on hunting. In RF Online's case, the mine is a new field where resources are produced as a part of and in support of economic activity. Mining for minerals and processing the products of these produce many kinds of items. These form the basis for conflict within the mines.

Also, just like in the real world, overproduction causes prices to fall. If many players convert their ore into currency, the going price of ore will drop as supply begins to outstrip demand.

Race VS Race Wars

All members of a single race band together to fight the other races for the rights to control the Talic mines. The winner gets mining rights and a virtual stranglehold on the economy until another race wins.


The winning race wins the right to search for Talic in the mines. The other two races get to organize raids to steal Talic from the mines, or to wrest control of the mine from the other race.

Patriarchal/Rulership System

High-level characters who rise to the top of the ranks can attempt to run for 'ruler' for their race, becoming a leader and spokesman for their race.

Player-Controlled Economic System

Every hour, the economy is recomputed taking into account sales of items over the entire server and who currently controls the mines. This system places the economy (mostly) in the hands of the players.




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